Improving services for victims of violence

Remedy supports front-line professionals to work with victims of human rights abuses, such as  torture, trafficking, rape and other extreme forms of violence, enabling providers to deliver the best possible services to vulnerable clients and also protect their staff.

We offer a range of training courses and briefings for front-line professionals on working with vulnerable groups at risk of violence.  Our work with specialist agencies allows us to bring you the most up-to-date best practice guidance and builds learning links between human rights organisations and mainstream providers.

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Benefits to you

  • Improved confidence in identifying, talking to and working with vulnerable and complex people
  • Improved ability to protect yourself from burnout and vicarious traumatisation
  • Improved access and support for vulnerable people using your service


Benefits to your organisation

  • Vulnerable clients identified and supported, thus prevented from deteriorating and requiring intensive support and resources
  • Improved staff morale, fewer sick days, less burnout
  • A fair, equitable service that meets the needs of even the most vulnerable client


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